PPA and CPD Cover:


R&R Sports offer:


* Multi-Sport Activities

* Sport Specific activities

* Curriculum Cover

 * Morning and Afternoon

* Wet Weather Classroom Activities

* Performance reports

While your teachers are taking this well deserved time their class of children still needs a teacher/coach and why pay for a supply teacher when R&R Sports Coaching can provide qualified coaches to take the class and enjoy fun and progressive sessions while still being learning based.

For PPA schools have found our services very beneficial especially when receiving an OFSTED inspection where it has proved to increase the schools rating!!

For CPD we ensure our coaches provide teachers with detailed, safe and progressive session plans weekly as well as individual child assessments each half term. Teachers can join in with the set up and delivery due to having their own copy of the planning. 

Our coaches ensure that all sessions are a balanced mix of skill and technique based practices as well as participation based match/game situations.


For more information on PPA or CPD Coaching contact us through our web site or call:

Ryan Chard on 07875169638         or         Robbie Elliott on 07515881574.